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We wrote this post about 2 years ago for a fundraiser in memory of Kady, who passed on 3 years ago today. This story, and this little girl and her family, is the reason Ohana Motorsports Foundation was formed and is at the core of everything we are about and continues to guide and drive our efforts today. Please take a couple minutes to read and share, so that you may understand exactly where we came from and what Ohana Motorsports Foundation is all about. KRUZIN4KADY will take place later this year so stay tuned for updates. We want to make this one the biggest yet.

Special little girl. Special family. A tragic end to a life cut extremely short. Yet out of that ending... has come a beginning... of an event, a movement, sparked by this little girl's story and her family and friends. A movement that will draw awareness and resources to a severely underfunded and unresearched form of cancer that attacks and kills children. A movement that will assist those children and families battling #DIPG and help them get through and cope with an almost impossible situation to deal with. Kady's physical form may have left this Earth, but her spirit and legacy live on through #kruzin4kady and this movement. And that spirit, that legacy, is something that can never die and is something that cancer can never beat. So take a minute to read the info attached below. Take a second to research a bit about DIPG. And if able, spare a few pennies or dollars for a cause that will benefit children battling this rare form of cancer. And if you can't, then share this post far and wide. Tell a friend, a stranger, about DIPG. Through greater awareness comes more attention, research, and funding. #DIPG #cancer #carsandcoffeehawaii #musclecars #luckywelivehawaii #oahu #ohanamotorsportsfoundation

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Scot Tee
Scot Tee
10 de out. de 2022

Talking about some little kid's disease can sound so out of context to you. But from what just happened to me it just illustrates how fast the wheels can come off the bus. One day you're driving your car enjoying life and then the phone rings and your life is turned upside down in a moment. I'm really glad the Ohana Motorsports Foundation was there to catch me in my time of need.

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